Hey, I'm Karthick Ramachandran
Software Engineer

I'm an enthusiastic software developer who enjoys building awesome products and loves to work on latest technologies. I'm currently working as a Senior Engineer at Tide. Born and grew up in Chennai and currently wandering in the streets of Hyderabad. In my free time you can find me tweeting my random thoughts, trying to answer a stranger's question on StackOverflow, learning some latest technologies, or working on a cool project on GitHub.

I religiously follow football and a diehard fan of Chelsea Football Club. Keep the blue flag flying high 💙


Some projects I've worked on

  • Segura
    A CLI tool which helps in pushing uncommitted code in case of emergencies or distress
  • Exchange Convertor
    An exchange convertor application which converts the cost from base currency to multiple currencies.
  • Revista
    Revista is a simple Journal/Diary application built with MERN stack
  • Office Manager Portal
    An Interface for Office Admin to manage the employees in an organisation
  • Blogger App
    A Blogging application using Typescript, PostgreSQL, and React.js
  • Activity Logger
    Activity Logger application to track activity of various users
  • Local weather reporter
    Reports the local weather based on current location

  • My GitHub contribution


Get to know me


  • Name: Karthick Ramachandran
  • Profession: Software Engineer
  • Age: 27
  • Born: Chennai, India
  • Current location: Hyderabad, India
  • Personality: INTP
  • Interests: ⌨️ Coding • ⚽️Football • 🎧 Music • 🚴🏻‍♂️ Cycling • 🍿Movies

Contact me

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